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     ne of the best holidays we have and the one that has some of the most iconic foods in American culture. I have always loved this holiday because it meant that I was able to help my mom in the kitchen. Ever since I could remember my parents house was the location for the family hosted Thanksgiving dinner, the food has changed over time but it has always been a place that we come together, give thanks, eat, and enjoy each others company. With my siblings and us being fully grown now, my mom and dad have passed the torch along to me to now host the family Thanksgiving dinner. 


With my family now including my wife and her extended family we host approximately 20 people at our house for Thanksgiving. So it is safe to say that there is a little bit of chaos that happens in the house and more specifically in the kitchen. Timing is important when cooking for a large group so try to make a game plan for what needs to be cooking when and what will need to be re-heating before serving, this way you can attempt to limit the chaos. First thing I would suggest is getting as much done in the days leading up to the feast as possible, this will greatly reduce your overall stress.

The recipes below are some of the traditional and not so traditional foods that are served around my table for Thanksgiving, but they all encapsulate the essence of Thanksgiving. I have included instructions on items that can be done ahead of time to hopefully limit the stress that you may have on Thanksgiving. And remember the food on the table is important, but nothing is more important than the people that have gather around it!




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